Tours in Macedonia
Krushevo is a mountainous town. Situated at an altitude of 1,350 meters (4,430 ft), Krushevo is the highest town in Macedonia and the Balkans. Krushevo is known for its 19th-century dom...
Пространата клисура Матка е заштитен споменик на природата и дом на неколку средновековни манастири, чудесни пештери и голем број разновидни и ендемски растенија и животни.
Демиркаписката клисура долга 19 км., со карпи кои се извишуваат до 1000 метри надморска височина, е вистински рај за планинарски спорт и рекреација.
Параглајдинг - Скопје - Попова Шапка - Галичица
Јавање на коњи - Водно
Cultural tourism (visit the oldest monuments in the city center from high cultural and historical meaning for the country. Also visit representative objects from the two domain religion...
Day 1 Otesevo V. Stenje, beach Vakuf, Monastery St. Ilija, v. Konjsko, island Golem Grad, churches St. Peter and St. Dimitrija Day 2 Ohrid V.Vevcani, Vevcani springs, Monastery St...
Monastery Beljakovo Magnificent quarters, oak trees, sheep and goats, turkeys and geese and beehives full of honey. That is how the Beljakovo monastery looked 60 years ago. This religio...
Smolare, Kolesino Waterfalls, Mokrino Springs
Skopje is a very attractive tourist destination. There is a river, a fortress and many cultural and historical monuments, archaeological sites, sports halls, many caves in the canyon of...
The village of Brajcino is situated 6 km from Lake Prespa in a valley on the edge of Pelister National Park. It's a perfect location for combining outdoor activities on the mountain wit...
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